Water Damage on a Roof Caused by Snow

When temperatures in Colorado Springs bottom out during the Winter and Spring, the amount of snow and ice that falls can be staggering. While your roof may do a great job of keeping you and your family safe from the elements, the damage that it sustains during these winter storms can be significant. Even if the damage isn’t evident at the time, the wear and tear on your roof happens over time. Instead of waiting for things to go from bad to worse, invest in roof repair today so you’re ready to face the weather next cold season.

Roof Overloads

Snow overloading on your roof is rare, but it’s still best to educate yourself on the possibility. According to the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety, it takes 4 feet of fresh snow or 2 feet of old compressed snow to stress a roof. While the chances of your roof taking on that much snow may be slim, it’s still a good idea to schedule roof inspections for your Colorado Springs home. With nearly 40 years of roofing experience, the team of roofing contractors at Petrali Roofing know how to look for warning signs that indicate that your roof needs work before the snow hits.


Ice Dams

Icicles hanging off of your roof may look beautiful to you, but a roofing contractor understands that they’re a sign of trouble. When ice sits on your roof for an extended period of time, it forms ice dams that can negatively impact the structural integrity of your roof. Ice dams are a buildup of ice along the eaves of your roof that can lead to damaged gutters, raise the shingles on your house and lead to leaks on the inside of your Colorado Springs Roofing Companies home.

While the shingles on your roof are designed to help water run off of the roof, into the gutters and away from your house, ice and snow that sits on your roof for an extended period of time can make that impossible. When ice gets into the natural crevices of the shingles, melting snow has nowhere to go when the temperatures start rising. Even the smallest of cracks can become large when ice gets in them and causes them to expand. If you notice that you’re experiencing roof leaks during the winter months, it’s probably because of ice dams that have formed somewhere on the structure.

Whether the issue is a roof overload or leaks stemming from ice dams, the Colorado Springs Roofing Companies professionals at Petrali Roofing know how to diagnose and fix the problem. Not only can our team help you identify potential problems on your roof so you can fix them before they become a serious issue, but we can also repair any type of roofing damage. Our commitment to Colorado Springs Roofing Companies professionalism and integrity means that you’ll be satisfied with the job performed by Petrali Roofing every SHINGLE time.

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