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Colorado Springs Roofing Companies Great Big Give Back

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Not only do we offer an incredible 5 year workmanship guarantee, but, we’ll be around if you ever need to use it. It’s why we have more repeat and referral customers than any other company in the Springs.

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It’s not often that I leave reviews but I have to say that working with Petrali Roofing and Josiah has been one of the better experiences I’ve had with a company. Once I made my call (to fix another companies poorly done job) they were out quickly to take a look at what was going on. Josiah is professional, texted me back when I texted him, contacted me to let me know if he was running late, and ultimately fixed what needed to be fixed. Petrali even let me hold off on paying my invoice to be sure the work was done to my satisfaction. If you ever need a roof repair I would highly recommend this team and this company. Hopefully, I don’t need them again anytime soon but if I do I will only call them.
-Steve V

I really appreciated Petrali Roofing’s staff. Each one did a great job of keeping me informed about the job, even when it wasn’t quite finished. Michael and Dan were awesome at making sure it all got done and Dave Petrali came out and did a final inspection himself to make sure it was done right. I am a realtor of 30 years now and am so happy to see such service from a roofing company. I will always call Petrali Roofing myself for roofing needs and will refer my clients to them as well.
-Hope W.

I am so happy I selected Petrali Roofing to do my roof. It was a completely stress-free experience from the day I met Dan to discuss the project until the day the job was done. They were very professional and efficient. They are customer-oriented and explained the whole process and also provide a thorough explanation about the material and different suggestions about the colors. The job was completed in a timely manner and the quality was just outstanding. Thank you guys

Choosing a roofing company in Colorado Springs


Facing a hail claim can be daunting, but choosing who to trust to restore your property can be even more so! With a constantly rotating entourage of companies, choosing which Colorado Springs Roofing companies is right for your project can feel similar to choosing which method of torture you prefer. In order to help to take the pain out of the process, Petrali Roofing has put together a simple guide to the decision making process. And while we always hope you choose us, we know there are other great companies in the Springs. There are some terrible ones as well. Let us help you avoid those!


Volume of Roofing Companies

After a spring shower, roofing companies pop up quicker than dandelions. They come from out of state, they come out of retirement, and some try to come out of bankruptcy. That means whether they are trying to shake the rust off their skills, grab a quick buck, or enjoy a cooler climate, they all are doing it at your expense, without long-term concern for you or your house.

Did you know over 700 Roofing Companies pulled permits in Colorado Springs 2021? Most of the companies on that list pull less than 5 roofing permits per year. When their bellies and wallets are full, they shut their doors and move to the next easy market. Petrali Roofing has installed roofs on over 1200 homes in Colorado. We’ve been one of the highest rated Colorado Springs Roofing Companies for nearly a decade, and we’ve been in roofing for over 40 years. We are consistently in the top 10% of roofing companies in Colorado Springs, yet we manage to maintain our veteran-owned and family operated culture.

When choosing between Colorado Springs Roofing Companies, be aware of just how many there are. Fortunately, there are tools at your disposal to weed them out, though you might have better luck getting rid of dandelions.


Quality of Roofing Companies

In order to determine the quality to expect from Colorado Springs roofing companies, there are several things you should check:
Check reviews! While reviews can be inflated (or bought), you can get an overall feel for what a company does right based on the consistency and current nature of their reviews. If a company doesn’t have any recent reviews, beware!

Check their social media and see where they do business. See if they are involved in the community. See if the company gives back to local causes. See if they have a local business address listed on their page.

Another helpful way to get a feel for the company is by asking local suppliers. Two major suppliers are ABC supply and Elite Roofing supply. They’ll warn you of companies to stay away from. Granted, not every company deals with every supplier and some will try to turn you on to their preferred Colorado Springs Roofing Companies, but it is a tool. Same with the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department. They might not tell you who to go with, but you can definitely get a feel for a company by how the inspectors react when you mention certain names.

Ask to see some of the current roof installs of the company. They should be able to give you a significant list. You can also verify that the company actually installed that roof by cross referencing with the PPRBD permit search tool. Don’t put it past unreputable companies to feed you bad addresses to get your business. Liars are going to lie.

Also, as one of the most trusted Colorado Springs Roofing Companies, feel free to call us with any questions. We keep pretty close tabs on the other companies in the Springs, and we will never try to steal business. All we will do is arm you with the knowledge you need to avoid getting scammed. If you are with a reputable company, we will encourage you to stay with them.

Remember, not all Colorado Springs Roofing companies are created equal!


Processes of Roofing Companies

Not all Colorado Springs Roofing Companies are created equal in their install processes either. From start to finish, we have honed our process over the years. We bring all our expertise to your aid when it comes to restoring your home after a storm, reroofing your property before a home sale, or just aiding you in the maintenance of the largest investment in most people’s lives.

Because we are rooted in the Springs, we offer a 21 point roof inspection FREE. We want you to remain leak free and extend the life of your roof as long as possible, because we know we will be here when you finally do need a roof. For that reason, we also offer an additional 7 point insurance assessment to guarantee you are ready should you need to file an insurance claim after one of our many weather events.

Whether it’s walking you through the insurance process, inspecting your property as preventative maintenance, performing affordable repairs, or re-roofing your property, our commitment is to offer you the best service possible. Not every company will commit to that. They swoop in for the easy money on the roof, like a second whirlwind after the storm, promising you anything and everything (Free this! Free that! Upgrade for you! No deductible for you!) and then they disappear.

We have trained and responsive crews who we’ve worked with for years, investing in their families, sharing knowledge and growing together. Other companies continually try to steal those crews. They come in promising big pay, and then never shell out the money, ripping off the laborers who are on your roof. There’s a reason our crews stay with us. And it translates to a superior product for you, the homeowner. We emphasize loyalty and longevity at every turn. It’s part of how we replicate the quality that’s in the Petrali DNA.

Not every Colorado Springs Roofing company cares like we do and it shows in their workmanship, their crew morale, their reviews and their reputation in town. We believe a good name is desired above great riches, and we strive to protect it. It is our name after all!


Survivability of Roofing Companies

Because not every Colorado Springs Roofing Company cares, it means they can’t last long in the market. How does that directly affect you? It means that the company won’t be there to provide a workmanship guarantee, they might not be there if the permit they pulled failed inspection, and they might not even be there to finish the job at all! We’ve seen it happen, especially after a storm.

If a company disappears after they’ve taken your money and performed some of the work, did you know that there is a possibility a lien can be placed on your property by the labor crew or the material supplier? Choosing a well-managed company will save you from this disaster!


Community involvement of Roofing Companies

Finally, is the Colorado Spring roofing company you chose involved in the community? Every dollar you spend with a company gets reinvested somewhere down the line. An out of state roofer is going to take that money with them when they leave.

A poorly run company is going to waste the money on worthless trivialities and potentially lawsuits. A well-run and locally minded company is going to put a portion of their profits back into the community. At Petrali Roofing, we commit to putting one free roof on the home of a widow, single-parent family, senior citizen, or veteran through our Hearts and Hammers program. We also sponsor local youth sports teams, charitable causes, and purchase our materials from local vendors.
We love Colorado Springs. If you need us, we are only a phone call, email, or text away.

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