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As one of the best reviewed Colorado Springs roofing companies, we at Petrali Roofing want you to be as educated as possible when it comes to the different parts of your roof system so that you know what to look for and the questions to ask. We commonly say that in a storm, your roof is your home’s first line of defense. Your gutters play an important role in helping defend your home by getting water off of the roof and away from the structure and foundation. But, like the roof, gutters can go “out of sight, out of mind” unless there is an issue. We recommend having your gutters checked in the Spring, Fall, and anytime there is a big storm and with Petrali Roofing’s full service gutter cleaning, you can be sure your entire roof is ready to handle anything that our beautiful state might throw at it. So, here is a look at 7 of the most common things to keep an eye on when it comes to your gutters:

Roof Damage – Leaves, branches, and other organic materials like to get stuck in your gutters rather than flowing out with the water. As these materials build up, they collect moisture and other debris and eventually start to rot causing the roofing materials and underlayment along your eaves to deteriorate. In addition, this build up can cause water to overflow and run up underneath your roofing materials and ultimately find a way inside the structure of your home. Thankfully, as a trusted Colorado Springs roofing company, Petrali Roofing can assess any damage and we offer competitive rates on any repairs that might be needed.

Damage to Brackets – As you can imagine, it’s very important that the brackets (or hangers) that fasten your gutters to your house remain in tip-top shape. As the amount of organic material in your gutters grows, it holds onto dirt, dust, and other debris that would normally wash through and out the downspouts. In wetter seasons, this build up holds onto water and becomes very heavy and in dryer times, it becomes a perfect place for birds and rodents to nest. All of this adds extra weight and creates unnecessary strain on your gutters leading to brackets and supports coming loose and eventually falling completely off. As a full service Colorado Springs roofing company, Petrali Roofing offers gutter repairs as a part of our full range of roofing services.

Pests – Who wants to worry about pests above their head when they’re trying to enjoy time outdoors with family and friends? Birds, squirrels, raccoons, lizards, snakes, and bugs love it when they don’t have to go to the trouble of making a home and can instead, live in your gutters rent free! Mosquitoes especially love it when the debris is damp. So, if you don’t want pests taking up residence in your gutters, make sure you call on quality Colorado Springs roofing companies like Petrali Roofing to help you stay out in front of potential issues.

Damage to Fascia – The fascia is the part of your roof that runs underneath the eaves and rakes and it is the part of your house that your gutters are attached to. Building from the first three points, as built up debris causes water to overflow from your gutters, it can work its way behind the gutters and cause your facia boards to warp and/or rot. In addition, the added weight of wet debris (and in the cold months, frozen debris) along with any pests that may have taken up residence will cause costly damage to the facia as the brackets and supports begin to loosen and break free. Few Colorado Springs roofing companies have as wide a range of services at Petrali Roofing. In addition to gutter repairs, we can also repair or replace damaged fascia boards to ensure your gutters remain firmly attached.

Ice Damming – Ice dams happen when snow melts on higher levels of your roof and then re-freezes as it runs down to colder shingles. If water is not able to drain out of your gutters properly due to built up debris it will freeze, further exacerbating the ice dams. Like many of the things we’ve mentioned, the weight from ice build up can cause your gutters to loosen or come off completely and also cause roofing materials and underlayment to loosen and even crack. This could lead to water getting into your home resulting in potential issues like stained and sagging ceilings, peeling paint, warped floors, and soggy insulation which is a magnet for mold, mildew, and other pests. Ice damming is a fixable issue and Petrali Roofing is known as a Colorado Springs roofing company that offers affordable rates on repairs.

Foundation Cracks – The foundation is where water seepage can really become disastrous. If water overflows from your gutters and pools around and underneath your foundation, it can end up freezing in the colder months leading to cracks which will ultimately weaken the structural integrity of your entire home. A properly designed and functioning gutter and downspout system should divert water away from the foundation where it can’t cause damage and keeping your gutters clean and well maintained is a key way to ensure your home remains solid from top to bottom.

Flooding – Cracks in your foundation can also lead to flooding in the wetter/warmer seasons. Water will find a way through the cracks in the slab and make its way into your flooring and in some cases, it can even come through cracks in the foundation walls and damage drywall, insulation, paint, and baseboards. And, as we’ve mentioned before, unwanted water inside the structure of your home promotes mold and mildew growth which could lead to health problems for you and/or your loved ones. In addition, water damage and mold mitigation can be very costly and in many cases, would not be covered by your homeowners insurance policy.

While some homeowners can and do maintain their gutters themselves, we only recommend doing so if you feel comfortable and have the proper equipment to handle the job. If you find yourself lacking the equipment, the time, and/or the confidence to safely get on your roof, or if you’d just rather have a professional handle the job, look no further than your local Colorado Springs roofing company. Call or text Petrali Roofing today at (719) 375-8773 or fill out this form.

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