The residential roofing industry in Colorado Springs and along the Front Range is an extremely competitive space, filled with all the heroes and villains found in most other industries.  Petrali Roofing strives to uphold the time honored tradition related to trade-work, wrestling out of the hands of scammers and crooks, and placing it squarely where a roof should be- on top. 

Outlined below are some of the pitfalls, problems, questions and scams associated with the roofing industry in Colorado Springs and the outlying areas.  

One of the primary areas to be aware of, and beware of, is the idea that all roofs are created equal. The assembling of a roof, the selecting of materials, the proper installation techniques, the adherence to local code and ordinance, and the management of the jobsite are all delicate pieces in a complex puzzle.  There are over 700 companies operating as roofers in the Springs. For some of those companies, your home might be their first roof! 

While we don’t despise small beginnings, we are acutely aware of how many homeowners have been bamboozled by contractors who don’t perform as promised.  


  1. Your Family’s needs. Ultimately, we understand that a roof is just one component of your family’s primary need- shelter.  Petrali Roofing strives to keep in mind your specific budget and aims to deliver on time. For the sake of our own reputation, we refuse to cut corners that might initially lead to a reduced price, but ultimately result in a leaking roof. We are specifically focused on finding solutions to your unique situation. 
  2. Assembling the components of the Roof.  Petrali Roofing takes the needs of your family, your home’s architecture, the unique climate, the precise elevation, and the resale of your house into consideration when selecting materials and components.  
  3. Builder grade shingle might have been good enough when houses were mass produced, but does it still make the grade for your home now? Will it withstand the heat and cold, the snow and hail of our wonderful town?  How much ice and water is right for your home? What type of ventilation do you need? What about solar? Petrali Roofing consults with you throughout the process to make sure you are setting yourself up for success in the future
  4. Proper installation techniques. Petrali Roofing understands there are many factors that dictate the best practices for installing a roof on your particular residence.  Does your home need a cricket on the chimney? How much snow sits on your roof? What’s the current functionality of your gutters? What flashings are appropriate for your home? We ask ourselves what is necessary for the proper installation of the roof and then work through the process with you. You may want a skylight in a specific location, but our analysis of the roof might reveal a better location- that valley doesn’t want a hole in it, trust me!  Often, the installation portion of our job is where we discover the errors other roofing companies have made, and some of the destruction it’s caused in your home.  
  5. Adherence to Local building codes. The Residential Building Code is a constantly evolving document that impacts the installation of your roof.  Many out of town roofing companies aren’t aware of the stringent codes in Colorado Springs. Some will go so far as to say “this is the way I’ve always done it. So there. ” This attitude will end up with your roof failing to pass the Pike Peak’s Regional Building Department’s inspection.  Some of the failures to adhere to code won’t just cause you to fail inspection but can cause significant damage to your home and cause your home to fail a buyer’s inspection if you decide to sell your house. 
  6. Jobsite Management. Petrali Roofing prides itself on being there from the beginning to the end of your project.  Whether that’s selecting shingles, or picking up the last few nails at the end of a long day, we strive to treat your home like it’s our own.  

Moving on to some of the other problems in the roofing industry in Colorado Springs. Dissatisfied homeowner’s who can’t get a hold of their contractor’s often reach out to us. We answer the phone. Many homeowners are forced to pay for out of pocket repairs to newly installed roofs because the contractor they chose (the one with the cheapest bid), left town or never completed the project.  The saying goes, ‘buy it cheap, buy it twice,” and with a project as expensive and extensive as your roof, that can be a nightmare.  

The climate and elevation of El Paso county is extremely varied. From the high winds of Falcon, Peyton and Calhan, to the lack of winter sunlight in the trees of Black Forest, northward to the blizzard strip of beautiful Palmer Divide, the needs of each home varies. Petrali Roofing understands the unique requirements beyond the code to make your home as comfortable, and your roof as weatherproof, as possible.

If you’ve lived in the Colorado Springs area for any length of time, you’re aware (sometimes too intimately) of the potential for hail.  Petrali Roofing has been helping customers navigate the reroof process after a storm for quite some time.  We offer mitigation services to help right after the storm. Not every company understands the intricacies involved with filing an insurance claim (or whether filing a claim is the right thing to do).  Our extensive experience in the field has led to thousands of satisfied customers. 

Before you choose which roofing company is right for you, contact us. We are happy to give you a second opinion, a new set of eyes, or a free inspection. Don’t fall into one of the many traps surrounding the roofing industry.  Let us help you navigate the battlefield successfully. We aren’t the only great roofing company in the Springs, and if you call us, we will let you know if the company you’re connected with is reputable, operates with integrity, and will take care of you in the long run.  

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