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In the world of home maintenance, the only thing worse than an unexpected repair is paying for it twice. We’ve all been there. A water heater breaks down. The sprinkler system is out. A sewer backs up. Hail hits.  And you have to decide…

-Replace or repair?

-Do it yourself or hire?

-Sell the property entirely? (I’ve had the thought.)

Hiring a company to do the repair/replacement brings its own worries. Primarily, the question is, “Does this company have a good reputation?”

A company’s reputation encompasses their quality of work, their customer service, their local presence in the community, and so much more.  It’s their past, present and future rolled into a mass of online reviews and offline conversations.  It’s the ability to make eye contact with your customers.

By my last count, over 700 different roofing companies pulled roofing permits in Colorado Springs after the massive hail storms of 2018.  Of those 700+ companies, over 517 did less than five roofs locally. Most of the companies were shells set up from out-of-state roofers looking to make money off the storm.  Many of those companies have moved on to chase hail in other states.  Some see Colorado as a land flowing with milk and hail and have permanently set up shop.

Today, with over 1/3 of the houses still in need of roof repair, reputation matters.  Can you judge a company that’s done five roof installs? Your roof should last 30 years.  Will the company you choose be around that long to service material warranties or workmanship guarantees?

Here at Petrali Roofing, we’ve worked hard to establish a company that takes the worry out of your roofing needs. We understand the problems, the pains, and the processes revolving around insurance work. We cherish our reputation, because in the roofing industry nothing matters more.  Every roof we install is adding to or taking away from our good name.

We live by the old saying: “A good name is more desirable than great riches.” When choosing a company to work on or in your home here in Colorado Springs, research reputation and choose to only do your project once. Avoid repeat repairs and nightmare replacements by choosing a company who believes reputation matters.

We offer free estimates and a 21 point roof inspection to help you identify the weak points of your roofing system.  Our goal is to educate you thus enabling you to make the best decision possible for you and your family. 

Here Are 6 Common Roof Problems for Colorado Homeowners.

After you have it clear that your home shouldn’t be fiddled with by just any roofer, let’s help identify if you have any of the 6 major problems on your property.  If you own a home in Colorado Springs, you probably understand how fast the weather can change. But the weather isn’t the only thing that can damage the roof of your home.

Here are 6 common roof problems in Colorado Springs that you should become aware of that can help you avoid severe damage to your home and high repair costs.


Extreme Weather Fluctuations

We have some great weather in Colorado Springs, but there are also many fluctuations in the weather that can lead to roof damage.

When the temperature goes from hot to cold and wet to dry in short frames of time, the shingles on your roof can become brittle and begin to crack and break over time.

Our roof inspection services can locate damaged shingles and tiles before more serious damage is done. We’ll repair any damage to your roof and replace broken and cracked tiles or shingles.


Blown-Off Shingles

Colorado Springs gets its fair share of windy days.

High winds can pry away shingles, metal flashings, and tiles, leaving holes and gaps in your roofing system. These breaches in your roof can allow water and pests to enter your home and cause further damage. After a windy day, you should inspect your roof and yard for shingles that may have become dislodged.


Trees and Tree Branches

Strong winds, rain, and snow can cause trees and tree branches to fall on your roof. A fallen tree can destroy a good portion of your roof, but tree branches can also damage your roof by breaking tiles and shingles. If you see tree branches on your roof or near the base of your home, inspect your roof for any damage.

Too Many Layers of Shingles

While extra layers of clothing are good during winters in Colorado Springs, too many layers of shingles on your roof can put additional stress on your roof’s structure. When you add the weight of excess snow or other natural elements, it could lead to a partial or total collapse of your roof. The best way to avoid a roof collapse is to have one of our technicians perform a thorough inspection of your roof and its structure. If we find a problem, we can make all the necessary repairs or upgrades.


Granule Loss

Asphalt shingles have a protective layer of granules that play a crucial role in how well your roof protects your home against wind, rain, snow, and other elements. Over time, the granules will come off due to the elements, and bald patches will appear on your roof. The more bald patches you see, the more the indication is that your roof is at its end, and you may need to have it replaced.



Traditional asphalt shingles have an average life span of 15-20 years. Other types such as impact-resistant shingles, tiles, and metal tend to have a longer life span. If your roof is approaching 20 years old or older, it is time to have it looked at by a professional.

At Petrali Roofing, we’ll commit ourselves to providing you with the finest roofing services in Colorado Springs. Contact us today, and let us handle all your roof repair, replacement, installation, and inspection needs.

Common Roof Problems Colorado Springs

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