This is not a rhetorical question. It’s something to seriously consider whenever you have concerns about whether or not is time to call a roofing company to help with your roofing needs. Petrali Roofing is one of Colorado Springs Roofing Companies that can help you devise the right strategy to help meet this need. We offer roof repairs, residential and commercial roofing replacements, and provide insurance claims assistance to those who need it. You will be impressed to know that we also help our clients install their holiday lights, if that’s something they would like us to do. Yes, we go above and beyond to guarantee our client’s satisfaction.

For our residential home owners, we know the protection of their families are important to them, so we put each family’s needs in mind when we offer our services. So at Petrali Roofing, we are one of the Colorado Springs Roofing Companies that uses the proper and cutting edge shingle materials, employ proper installation processes, follow the required local building codes, and conduct our services with care, precision, and excellence. For our commercial clients, in addition to using the proper kind of shingles and roofing materials, we apply our three layers roofing strategy to ensure that their properties and all that’s inside are well protected. We ensure that the proper waterproofing layers are used, use enough reinforcements to strengthen the structure, and add the best surfacing components to protect the roofing structures from harsh weather conditions.

One of these protective materials we use at Petrali Roofing, which put us ahead among Colorado Springs Roofing Companies is the Thermosplastic polyolefin a.k.a. TPO. The PVC roofing products may be expensive for some poeple, so the TPO is an inexpensive and efficient alternative. We also utilize the a strong synthetic rubber called the Ethylene propylene diene terpolymer a.k.a. EPDM to ensure that your roof is fortified with the needed strength and durability is requires to withstand any storm that may hit. If you can trust us with your roofing needs, we can assure you that we will provide you with the best solutions possible.

Our website contains a lot of testimonials from new and returning clients that have benefitted from our services. So if you are wondering when is the right time to call us, we will suggest you do that as soon as you begin to think about protecting your properties and family. And I would guess that you are thinking about this now as read through this. So why not take advantage of our free consultation offer to take reach out to us and ask any questions you may have. We try our best to educate our clients so they can make the best decision possible.

Do not hesitate and don’t wait until the storms hit before you reach out to us to learn about what you can do to meet your roofing needs. The cost of fixing a leaky roof or replacing an old one, is cheaper than the cost of replacing damaged properties. We want you to be able to sleep well at night. So visit our website today at to schedule your free consulation, or better still, pick up the phone right now and call us at 719-375-8773.

What Do Colorado Springs Roofing Companies Like Us Take Care Of?


We all have our preferences in weather conditions but we cannot avoid the weather changes that occur year round. Whether it is hot in the summer or cold and snowy in the winter, these weather changes would affect your roof in different ways. Also, it is important to note that Colorado ranks #9 in the average amount of tornadoes experienced every year. We put these into consideration at Petrali Roofing, which is among Colorado Springs Roofing Companies when we talk to our clients, because we want to make sure that we provide them with the roofing services that they need and deserve.

At Petrali Roofing, one of the finest among Colorado Springs Roofing Companies, everything that we do is to serve our community and not just to generate revenue. In Colorado Springs we serve clients in many areas with various types of roofing service needs. This include the rural and urban areas, for profit and non-profit organizations, residential, and commercial properties. We are also involved in our community. Some of the community programs that we are involved with are bowling for kids, boys and girls clubs, TV networks, food and rescue missions organizations, to mention a few. Our website contains more list of these programs. We want to assure you that you would be in good hands.

Because of the changes in weather conditions that we experience all year round in the Colorado Springs area, and the natural disasters that we may encounter, we provide plenty of options to choose from to ensure that your roofing needs are met. For example, we are one of the Colorado Springs Roofing Companies, that uses composite shingle materials to provide the proper amount of strength that’s needed to withstand the heaviness of snow during the winter season. Among our roofing options are slate roofing, asphalt roofing, and metal roofing. But we understand that each client has different budget, so depending on your budget we can suggest the right type of roofing materials that would fit with your budget and also satisfy your roofing needs.

We also provide inspection services for home sellers and buyers. We understand that to estimate the worth of a house, the condition of the roof also must be taken into account. We have knowledgeable and experienced professionals who can meticulously check your roof to make sure it passes inspections or suggest what may be needed to ensure that. With our quality inspections, we could provide you with the certification that you need to put your buyer’s minds at peace and sell your house.

Take action now and reach out to us to learn about how protect your family and business. We want you to be well protected against inclement weather and natural disasters. So visit our website today at to schedule your free consulation, or better still, pick up the phone right now to give us call at 719-375-8773.

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