Individuals and organizations have their unique driving forces, these are the things that motivate them to do what they do. Understanding what drives the best Colorado Springs roofing companies could give you a glimpse of the core values of Petrali Roofing. We are a family owned company, that seeks to provide quality and excellent services to our customers, at lightening speed. We love what we do and we care about our community.

Even the best Colorado Springs roofing companies have their own “small beginnings” stories. At a young age, our founder David Petrali knew the importance of working hard and he was not afraid to take on whatever challenges may arise. He started his roofing adventure – what an adventure it’s been – in the hot summer weathers. Even though the summers were incredibly hot, the jobs plenty and the days long, he was never fazed by it. He would state that the labor was worth it as long as his bills were paid. Starting a roofing company was not the driving force, it was the joy and satisfaction that he got from offering this service to people that drove him.

Many years later, now a family man with a wife and two girls, David had already developed a love for the service and solutions he offered to those he served, so he decided to launch out and start his own roofing company. The moment his mind was made up, he got his contractor’s license. Then he moved his family to Lake Tahoe. At this point, David began to get roofing jobs with high level clients, building his connection from there. It was in 2009 that David arrived in Colorado Springs to start one of the best Colorado Springs roofing companies. Throughout his journey up to today, he had helped start companies with family, friends, and business partners. This snippet of our founder’s story shows that it’s love for serving others and a sense of family that birthed this company.

The love for the craft drives us to work hard to provide quality and excellent service to our customers. It also drives us to get involved with our community. The community is comprised on families, without which its growth and development would be hampered. Petrali roofing company care deeply about its community and in an effort to make a lasting impact, we participate in events such as snack for a Purpose, Save the Storks, FOX21 Great American Flag Swap, Walk for Life (Life Network), among others.

It’s our core values that drive us. Our love for the roofing business and for family, and the desire to serve our community. We depend on our core experiences and core values to help our customer get solutions they need. Visit our website today at to schedule a free consultation and learn more about why we do what we do. You can also pick up the phone right now to give us call at 719-375-8773 to get a free quote.

Is Petrali Allowing You To Have The Best Colorado Springs Roofing Companies?


Wait! Did you just stumble upon this article by running a simple google search? Or maybe you actually got on to our website by some other means then decided to snoop around for some juicy information that could convince you to choose us for your roofing needs. Now you wonder why you should call us today to know what we can do for you? Of course, please call us for your roofing needs, because we are TOP of the list of the best Colorado Springs roofing companies. We offer incredible roofing services in addition to insurance claims assistance. But there’s more!

As one of the best Colorado Springs roofing companies, Petrali Roofing serves a number of clients, both residential and commercial. On the residential side, when you reach out to us, first try to understand your family needs. You see we go deep with this stuff. Then, we discuss with you to educate you about your options so that you can make the best decision. After the decision has been reach, we spring into action and provide you with quality service and solution with great jobsite management and strict adherence to local building code, so that you can become our long term loyal customer. Once you work with us, we want your mind to be at peace. We have a number of commercial clients that have trusted us with their roofing needs.

On the commercial side, as one of the best Colorado Springs roofing companies we dig into a bit more into the technical aspects of the materials needed to secure the roof. A commercial building is a fortress for the employee it houses, so it’s important that the materials used for the roof is strong enough to provide the security it needs. We discuss on the best materials that are needed to ensure strengthen the roof and ensure that it is well protected against extreme weather conditions. We know the value of the human assets in a company as well as the equipment that make the company run, any damage done to these resources could cost the company a lot or even end the company. So we can help you make the right decision by providing you with updated, unbiased, and quality information.

Some of our clients do not like dealing with insurance companies, because they do not know how to properly do so; and then there are some that do not like insurance companies at all. In any of these cases, we offer to help our clients with insurance claims to get them the best funding for their projects. Even if you have a good relationship with your insurance company, we can still work with you to ease your burden and get for you the best claim possible. You can also enjoy these services and many more.

What you can do now to learn more about other ways that we can be of service to you is to visit our website today at and schedule a free consultation. You can also pick up your phone right now to give us call at 719-375-8773 to get a free quote.

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