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A study recently commissioned by the National Roofing Contractors Association revealed that 35% of all roofing structures in the United States were not able to meet the life expectancy they were designed to meet. These roofs had to be replaced, at great cost to the homeowners, much earlier than expected – possibly due to the fact that many did not get a roof inspection that could have helped the roof’s longevity .

roof inspection

Why did so many homes need a new roof prematurely?

One reason why many homeowners were forced to do a replacement of their roofing before it is time is because they fail to perform regular scheduled roof inspections with a professional roof inspection, and perform roof maintenance and needed repairs accordingly.

Find Roof Problems Early With A Roof Inspection

When leaks and other problems are detected early, they can often be easily fixed by an experienced roof repair company. This will prevent the small issues from becoming larger issues that are very expensive to deal with. Failing to deal with the small issues means homeowners have to spend way more than the amount they would have on a roof that needs replacement before its time.

Save Money By Detecting Roof Problems Early

Diagnosing the roofing problems such as missing shingles, the disintegration of materials, or a damaged gutter system early enough will save you a lot of money and aggravation. The roofing system is one of the most important aspects of any building, and small problems can become expensive problems pretty quickly. Nobody likes the hassle of a roof leak, and the results can be devastating.

If you want your roofing to perform properly and have a nice, long life, make sure you do frequent inspections. Roof maintenance can help in stopping roof destruction and having to spend a lot of money on repairs. Proper roof maintenance will start with roof examination.

Get A Roof Inspection After A Storm

You also need to have your roofing checked for any debris and destruction after a storm. The best time to have your roof inspected is when weather conditions are calm and the storm has passed. In Colorado Springs, the start of fall and spring are the perfect times to do a roof examination. We want to make sure there is no critical roof damage that might turn into a leak later on.

If you happen to discover a spot that looks wet, check and see if it is soft and moist. If it is soft, it signifies that could be a new leak. Ensure you are keeping track of the wet areas in order to verify the matching areas when checking the exterior of the roof. Check if there is any light penetrating through the roof.

Do an examination of the crawlspace or attic for any wet spots or moisture. A flashlight will come in handy when doing this. Look for any dark places on the wood, especially around the chimney and vents. Look at the sheathing, rafters, and wood support. If you detect any signs of moisture – give Petrali Roofing a call immediately! Quite often, big problems start as very small problems, and there is a good chance we can repair a roof problem easily and inexpensively before it turns into a major problem.

Check the ceilings for damp spots. Check the ceiling tiles and see if there is any mildew development. Getting rid of the huge limbs from roofing is important. Cut any branches that have contact or hang over the roof.

Gutters And Downspouts

Make an effort to check the gutters and downspouts for any type of debris accumulation or damage.. Ensure the gutters and downspouts are working properly and are intact. Rusted, clogged, damaged parts of the gutter system can result in a lot of damage to your home and its foundation. When the water is not directed properly away from your home by the gutter system,  flooding and other damage to your home can result.

Do a visual check of the roofing shingles and see if there is any sign of deterioration – if it’s safe for you to see your roof without putting yourself in danger. See if there are any missing or unfastened shingles. Properly check the side of the roofing that has the most direct sunlight.

Get Your Roof Inspected

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