There are people who spend their time following extreme storms from state to state; these individuals are known as storm chasers. While this may sound like an exciting occupation, these storm chasers can be so dedicated to their project that they’ll do just about anything to get closer to a storm. That includes convincing you to let them get on top of your roof. If you don’t like the idea of storm chasers spending their time on top of your home, here are 12 solid clues that will help you identify these individuals.


1. They claim that they just happened to be in the neighborhood.

The damage created by unscrupulous storm chasers can compound the damage that any weather storm may cause to your roof. Many storm chasers claim that they are in the neighborhood doing some work at your neighbor’s house. You can protect yourself from storm chasers by being aware of and by recognizing their tactics.


2. They arrive in vehicles without any company markings.

Storm chasers are often not legitimate, so their vehicles will not have any kind of company name or logo on the side.


3. They are not wearing a company uniform.

Professional roofing companies provide uniforms for their employees. At a minimum, roofing employees wear a company shirt with a name tag.


4. They do not perform an inspection of your roof.

Beware if someone tells you they will fix your roof without first inspecting the roof to determine what type of damage may be present.


5. They do not provide you with a written estimate.

True roofing professionals, like us, provide our customers with written estimates to inform them of the actual work we will be conducting and how much it will cost.


6. They insist on getting you to sign a contract on the spot.

Be cautious of any company that pressures you into signing a contract on the spot. They may be trying to make you commit financially to an overpriced estimate.


7. They ask for a deposit.

As a professional roofing company, we will always provide you with an estimate and give you time to look it over before you commit. Once you commit and schedule your roofing repair or installation, then we will ask for a deposit. We would never begin the process by asking for your money without documenting what we can do for you first.


8. They do not have a license.

Choosing a licensed company means the company has registered with the proper jurisdictions and can legally conduct business in the area.


9. They are not familiar with the proper building codes.

As a professional roofing company, Petrali Roofing employees are familiar with the current roofing codes to help make sure your property is safe.


10. They ask for money to purchase materials.

Some storm chasers commit fraud by asking you for money to buy materials and then by spending the money on other things.


11. They do not have insurance.

When a company has insurance, you can have peace of mind knowing that their insurance will cover your property if any accidents happen. Storm chasers may have health insurance for themselves, but in many cases will not have coverage that protects your property.


12. They cause more damage to your roof.

When you have a storm chaser on your roof, you will likely still have to call a professional roofing company to clean the mess the storm chasers left behind.


After the storm passes in your neighborhood, don’t get knocked out by the second wave created by the storm chasers. When you need a roof repair or replacement, contact the professionals at Petrali Roofing. We have been honorably serving residential and commercial clients in Colorado Springs since 1982.


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