Spring Roof Inspections in Colorado Springs

//Spring Roof Inspections in Colorado Springs

The Importance of Spring Roof Inspections in Colorado Springs

Heavy grey clouds obscure the mountains which normally dominate the western horizon. A light snowfall makes me think I should have brought a coat to work. Or maybe an umbrella. It’s spring in Colorado, and after all my time here, I still can’t figure out whether I need to bring out the snow shovels or fire up the lawnmower.

Regardless of weather, I know I have a list I need to get to.  Clean gutters, trim hedges, repaint, clean windows, and inspect my roof for any damage from the previous year’s storms.

The roof inspection is the most pressing for me.  As a local homeowner, I know what Colorado weather can do, and I know I don’t want any insurance claim denied because of negligence on my part.

That’s right.  Your insurance carrier can deny all or part of your homeowner’s insurance claim if you are negligent in your responsibility as the owner.  And this is where Petrali Roofing comes in.

We’ll perform an inspection on your roof, providing you with documented proof that your roof is in good condition and that you’ve made a reasonable effort to protect your property. We’ll also re-caulk where caulking might have cracked, reseal nails that have been exposed, and re-secure any flashing that might have come loose in the storms. We’ll also inspect for any hail damage and provide free consultation on your best options for filing a claim.

Let our trained technicians take the necessary task of inspecting your roof off of your plate so you can focus on more important things, like your family and friends. Face spring storms worry free knowing your roof is water tight.

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