Inspect Before You Buy!

//Inspect Before You Buy!

After 10 years of renting houses and living in on-post housing, my wife and I took the leap to buy a house.  My diligent wife has never been one to jump into a decision, and this was no exception. She must have looked at over 1000 different houses over four months.  Towards the end, my sentiment was “Just pick one!”

The market was red hot and every time she decided on a house it seemed there were ten other prospective buyers ahead of us.  Trying to stick to a budget and not get taken advantage of by a buyer while trying to submit a winning offer was exhausting.

Fortunately, we had good help (Gordon Dean from Remax) and the house we serendipitously purchased (another story for another time), was in great shape.  We love our home here in the Springs!

Unfortunately, some sellers were trying to take advantage of the housing market and the eager buyers paid the price. (Literally)

New home-buyers can find themselves in a pinch with insurance, home maintenance and home value if they rush into a home purchase without fully understanding the risks of not having a proper roof inspection prior to closing. We see it time and again.  The house had hail damage and the seller didn’t replace the roof.  The house didn’t have a proper permit when the roof was replaced. The house has old T-Lock shingles or old wood shake.

Forbes put together a list of six warning signs you shouldn’t ignorewhen buying a home. Guess what ended up as number one? You got it. The roof.

Having to replace the roof right after investing a large sum of money in a down payment can put a new homeowner in a serious bind. Few people can put 10% down on a home and then put another $10K-$30K into a new roof.

Before buying a home have a local roofing company you can trust come out and give you a free inspection.  They’ll give you an honest report on the remaining life of the roof, whether there’s hail damage, and when the roof was last replaced.

There are several great local roofing companies in Colorado Springs.  Here at Petrali Roofing our goal is to take care of the customer first. Integrity Roofing and HomeFix are two other great companies run by solid business men who care about our community (I’ll give them a shout out but don’t judge for not setting up a link).

Save your money for furniture or new floors in your future home. Get a free roof inspection before you buy that house!


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