A Feeling of Empathy

//A Feeling of Empathy

A message from Michael O’Malley.

As I sit here in the office, surveying maps of the hail swath and inspecting unbelievable photos of the damage, I can’t help but feel the pain of what happened to our community. Most people think of roofers as celebrating such a windfall of destruction, and truly, many do without regard to the misery such hail causes.  For us, we don’t look at these storms as gold mines, but more as war zones.

We are in the middle of patching holes through roofs, boarding up shattered windows, and consoling despairing homeowners.  When it comes to choosing a roofing contractor, chose one who sees you as a person, not as a paycheck. Choose a roofer who puts your needs above their wants and your home above their hunger for work. There are several quality roofing companies in Colorado Springs, local businesses that will stand behind their work, without trying to reach into your back pocket to empty your wallet.

Petrali Roofing is here for you. Call us to schedule a free inspection for your property.

Michael O’Malley
General Manager, Petrali Roofing

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