Insuring An Older Roof

//Insuring An Older Roof

Did you know that insurance companies can kick up a real fuss about providing insurance for a house which has an older roof – insuring an older roof? You may already be very well aware of this fact, especially if you’re buying or selling a home!

What do we mean by ‘older roof’? How can you ensure that your home has the right insurance despite the age of the roof? And, what if you’re considering buying a home and your insurance company wants some assurance that the roof is in good enough condition to insure? Let’s take a quick look at each of these matters.

What Do We Mean By The Term ‘Older Roof’?

If the roof of your home has already passed the 20-year mark, you are looking at an older roof. In addition, if the roof shows any signs of visible damage you are also going to have some difficulties when it comes to insurance companies providing the right kind of coverage for your home.

Are There Any Circumstances When Insuring An Older Roof Is Going To Be Especially Troublesome?

Struggling to ensure that your home has the right insurance due to having an older roof is troublesome in all circumstances. However, if you are in the process of trying to sell your property, or plan to put it on the market in the near future, you may find your situation especially challenging.

Are There Any Means Of Getting Around The Issue Of Insuring A Property With An Older Roof?

Of course, if your roof is in a deteriorated state due to age or recent storm damage, it needs immediate attention. This requires the services of experienced and professional roofing specialists and action should be taken without delay.

However, do all older roofs need replacing? Not necessarily. We all know that opting for a new roof for a property is an expensive investment. This is especially true if you’re planning on selling the property soon. People who are selling their home sometimes go to great lengths to avoid such an expense, and rightly so! But the facts will eventually come out, and we believe it to be in the best interest of everyone to know if the roof is insurable before closing day.

There is one approach which is not only safe but also can help you to get the right insurance for your home. What are we referring to? Enlisting the services of a top-level roofing company to inspect your roof to determine if it is in good enough condition to be insurable. How can such a roofing company make a difference in whether an insurance company is willing to provide cover for your home or not? Allow us to explain.

An Experienced Roofing Company Can Certify Your Roof

Just because your roof has passed its 20-year mark doesn’t mean that it is in bad shape. In fact, your roof may be doing its job perfectly! However, a random insurance company doesn’t know this fact and you, as the homeowner or sales agent may struggle to convince them of it. What can a reputable roofing company do to help convince an insurance company that an older, but undamaged roof is in good enough condition to insure?

Such a company will be able to carry out a thorough inspection of your roof. Of course, this inspection may highlight areas of the roof which are in need of repair, even if these tasks are small. Once the inspection has been carried out, as well as any repairs if required, the roofing company will be in a position to verify that your roof is ‘insurable’. The word of a top-class, experienced roofing company like Petrali Roofing is going to carry a lot of weight, especially since it can be backed up by a professional roofing inspection report and the company’s reputation..

By having this inspection carried out pre-sale you will be able to ensure that the sale of your home doesn’t meet with an unnecessary, timely and potentially expensive delay, due to that older roof causing an insurance problem.

One Note…

Even though Petrali Roofing can inspect your roof, this may not change the fact that your roof may still be uninsurable as-is. If you are in the process of selling or listing a home, wouldn’t it be helpful to know that the roof needs replacement (or repairs) before the day of the closing?

Indeed, insurance companies can make life challenging when it comes to homes with an older roof. However, the challenge doesn’t need to be a mission impossible. Get in contact with a reputable roofing company without delay and have them verify that your roof is indeed ‘insurable’. Selling a property is stressful enough, at least that will give you one less thing to worry about!

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