4 Major Qualities of a Reliable Roofing Company

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Roofing innovations and technologies make many contractors well-equipped and qualified for work. That’s why homeowners now have more choices than ever. Nonetheless, we can’t discount the fact that scams and frauds are also on the rise.

Major Qualities of a Reliable Roofing Company

What can you do to avoid hiring the wrong people? Well, make sure you stay a step ahead. As a reliable roofing company in Colorado Springs, CO, Petrali Roofing helps people gain not just quality roofs, but useful knowledge, as well. Here are four qualities that make a roofing company trustworthy:

1. Proper license and insurance. Before hiring a roofer, be sure to check their license, permit, insurance, and other paperwork. These important documents are significant. Some states in the U.S. don’t require them, but if your area does, be sure to look for them. You can give them a call or pay a visit. This will give you a better view of who they really are and how they do their work.

2. Permanent place of business. Having a permanent business place is a sign of being a reputable roofing company. This means that whenever a homeowner has a question or a concern about the company, he or she can easily locate them. Never deal with fly-by-night roofers or storm chasers.

3. Partners with quality brands. A reliable roofing contractor in Colorado Springs, CO, partners with trusted brands and manufacturers. We know this since we are using one of the leading brands in the industry, GAF. Our partnership with the country’s top brand enables us to install only the best roofs. Many homeowners like what they see and how their roofs are performing.

4. Up-to-date training for workers. Every now and then, roof installers need training sessions to update their knowledge. Speak with your roofer and ask about their certifications. You may also check the roofing company’s website to confirm their credibility.

Checking these qualities will help you pick the right roofing company in Colorado Springs, CO. If you need more tips on choosing a roofer, we’ll be happy to provide them. Petrali Roofing has 33 years of experience on repair and replacement jobs. That’s why we know quality and ensure it in every roofing job that we do.

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