Spring Maintenance Checklist: What to Do and Look For

/, Roofing/Spring Maintenance Checklist: What to Do and Look For

Spring is the season for roof cleaning and maintenance. So, once spring arrives, you may want to start preparing a maintenance checklist to ensure that your roof is still in good condition even after winter. It’s also a good time to prepare for the next winter and any harsh weather that may come in between.

When creating a checklist, make sure to include these aspects:

• Gutter Cleaning

Keeping your gutter clean and in good condition will help you avoid problems. Have a trusted professional check your gutters and remove leaves and debris. Pasty goo due to dirt and water should also be removed, as well as other residual matters.

• Roof Inspection

Roof problems aren’t easy to notice, which is why it’s best to get in touch with an experienced roofer in Pueblo, CO for inspection, repair, or replacement.

During inspection, the roofer will look for problems such as buckling, blistering, or curling shingles, as well as wear and loose materials around pipes and chimneys. Letting a professional check your roof ensures that all areas will be inspected. A professional roofing company like Petrali Roofing knows how to inspect a roof properly, so it’s best to call us for assistance.

• Storm Damage Response
Storms can cause a lot of damage to your roofing system, and sometimes you need to address the problem even during the harsh weather. You should call a roofing contractor in Falcon, CO immediately for a swift response that will prevent the problem from getting worse. After the storm subsides, we’ll go back for a complete assessment to determine what repairs should be done. We can also assist you in getting insurance claims so that you can be compensated accordingly.

Keeping these things in mind when doing a spring maintenance checklist will ensure that your roof is always in good condition. For more information on roofing maintenance and our services, call us at (719) 453-1313.


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