Commercial Roofing: 4 Benefits of Installing EPDM

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EPDM is short for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer –also known as rubber roofing. Reasonably priced, it has been common in the U.S. for over four decades and is one of the most used roofing materials for a low-slope or flat roof. It also features superior wind, hail, and fire resistance than most other types of roofing materials.

EPDM Roofing

Petrali Roofing, the trusted contractors for roofing in Peyton, CO, lists four benefits offered by EPDM roofing on commercial buildings. These are:

1. Environmentally Friendly

The EPDM roof is a single-ply membrane, so there is only one layer of roofing material. The rubber takes less energy to produce and comes from recycled materials to begin with. At the end of its long life, the roof is 100% recyclable. Both Greenpeace and ACTAC have named EPDM as the top choice for roofing where green sustainability is concerned.

2. Design Flexibility

Due to the nature of the EPDM membrane, it is a great option for different applications. This flexibility allows EPDM roofing systems to go on virtually any roof surface. Regardless of where you apply EPDM, it won’t crack from extreme moisture and dryness.

3. Energy Efficiency

An EPDM roof reflects heat from the sun, providing considerable savings on cooling costs. It also insulates the building, trapping in heat to reduce energy bills in the colder months.

4. Maintenance Ease

Most roofing materials will require some form of maintenance over the years, but rubber requires only little, if any. This is because the EPDM’s membrane can withstand scorching UV rays, rain, and freezing temperatures for years to come. If there is ever a leak, repairs are easy, fast, and inexpensive.

Petrali Roofing stands out from other roofers in Castle Rock, Colorado because we provide only the best products and services. In addition to EPDM, we also offer other commercial roofing systems like modified bitumen and metal roofing.

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