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Over the past few years, metal roofing has become a popular choice, and Petrali Roofing couldn’t be happier about it. We proudly feature metal in many of our projects because of its unique durability. These roofs resist fading, chalking, and cracking no matter the condition.

Debunking Myths about Roofing

Nevertheless, metal roofing has been said to have its share of so-called flaws, which aren’t quite accurate. In this post, the top contractors for roof repair in Castle Rock, CO debunk the four most common myths about metal roofing.

Myth #1: Metal Roofs Attract Lightning

Metal conducts electricity, but it doesn’t attract it in any way. On the contrary, a metal roof is actually safer than other roofing options. This is because metal roofs do not combust, so you don’t have to worry about the roof catching on fire if it is ever struck by lightning.

Myth #2: Metal Roofs Rust Easily

We all know what happens to metal when left out in extreme weather. When it comes to your metal roof, however, roofers take certain precautions to ensure that they stay strong for years to come. Modern metal roofing comes with zinc or aluminum coating under the paint, making it resistant to rust.

Myth #3: Metal Roofs Are Unattractive and All Look the Same

This may have been true a few decades back, but metal roofs today come in many designs, textures, and colors. With the wide range of options, there really is something for everyone. You can even select a stone-coated metal roof for a more traditional look and still enjoy the benefits of metal.

Myth #4: Metal Roofs Make Your House Colder In Winter

The material of your roof doesn’t really affect the temperature of your home. It’s all about the quality of the insulation under the roof. If you have poor insulation, your home will be cold no matter the roof type.

We hope that clears up the cloud of metal roofing myths! As one of the top roofers in Castle Rock, Colorado, our metal roofing systems come with extended manufacturer warranties for your peace of mind.

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